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TubeGraph: Finding the best parts of each video!

Articles from the year 2008

Possible improvements to TubeGraph

Yes, we know that the project can be improved. :-) However, we wanted to finish and share a working prototype soon, and refine from here. "Release early, release often", they say. (So at least the first part is true for us;-)

What will we do next? Find here some ideas we have, and consider adding yours in the comments!

  • Adding the possibility of commenting each video/tubegraph.
  • We need ...

About the development of TubeGraph

This is a project by Jorge and Guillermo from the Lamboratory.

It all begun in March 2008, when we attended a "Google Open Pizza Night" in Madrid, where the new YouTube API was introduced. Prizes were promised for the best apps developed during the hands-on session, and it came to our minds a Simpsons episode where the kids participate in a study dynamically rating Itchy & Scratchy videos. We ...

Inside the videos... What are the others doing?

We mentioned a tendency in Internet towards considering the different parts of videos separately, thus enhancing the information about them. While we focus on the (dynamic) ratings made by users, we would like to share some of the other approaches we know about that are in the same line, playing within the videos:

  • Hot Spots in Youtube Insight gives YouTube video uploaders the opportunity to find the "hot ...

TubeGraph: Finding the best (and worst) parts of each video

Video is really important in Internet nowadays. So much that they even say Youtube might be the next Google. It is not surprising then that many efforts are being taken in order to further explore the information within videos, and not just consider them as a whole.

In particular, in TubeGraph we focus on the ratings made by the users. We feel that rating a video assigning 1 ...